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Caps 2.0 wrote :

The 1980s, as one can see from all the articles I wrote for RetroJunk and currently write for Pop Geeks. My passion for the 1980s comes in part from my Aspergers' Syndrome. One of the aspects of the disorder is an intense focus on a certain subject. For some people, it might be trains. For others, it might be dinosaurs. For me, it's the 1980s. Since the 90s was such a brutal decade, I searched for ways to escape, and the pop culture of the preceding decade became that passion. It remains so to this day.
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It's easy to love the 80's! It was a wonderful era for both music and film!

I wouldn't mind being stuck there Groundhog Day style with the wood panel walls and everything! 
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Starting off with the obvious.. computers & programming & technology in general. Other things include Star Trek, science, video games (particularly RPGs).
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Mr Magic
I was a pro wrestling nerd for a long time.
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Cult movies, comics, and music. The three things I can't do without .
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comic books and pro wrestling and late 80's and 90's sitcoms and i am pretty good with greek mythology
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Pokémon and female anthropomorphic cartoon characters ^^U
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