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I know! The original text for the Yii code used to piece this forum together was orangish (back before it was actually repurposed as a forum) and it rears it's ugly head sometimes.

This entire site is homemade or repurposed code. Therefore there can be an occasional problem arise (as you experienced with not being able to register)

As time goes on, you'll come to know how to avoid them.

One thing I'll mention, is that the "Last Post:" text above the member name (on the main forum page) will take you to the most recent post in a thread. That way you can skip past all the previous pages of a thread if you choose to.
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Thanks for the warm welcome, my friends. Truly appreciated,

shakin steak wrote :

Hi Juan, thanks for coming around! Well come!
Like you, I am chained to a computer desk to look at forums all day.

As for your textual problems, they happen sometimes. More often when cutting and pasting is used. The "paste as plain text" and "show source" buttons are most helpful with that. As is knowing some HTML. Some of that is documented in the FAQ as crow mentioned. But once the orange text appears it is tenacious!

-end quote

That's gonna be incredibly helpful in the future. THANKS!
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Feel free to PM me if you wanna talk about stuff. I'm always open to listening.
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