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For me it was Gremlins. And after that I had to have everything there was that had to do with Gremlins. 

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The 1983 rerelease. I don't actually remember anything about watching it, except the gold foil background in the opening credits.
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I honestly don't remember. But, I can tell you the first movie I REMEMBER seeing was Ghostbusters.

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I remember it was either The Lion King or A Goofy Movie. Whichever one of these movies came out first.
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Thinking it was Fox & The Hound but I cant be certain.
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The earliest memory I have of a movie watched in theaters is Jurassic Park in 1993. I probably watched some movies before that, but I just don't remember.
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I saw Snow White also, but in 1986.
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My first movie theater experience was seeing Aladdin. It's still one of my favorite Disney movies to this day.

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Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" - 1959

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It would've been either A Bug's Life or Prince of Egypt. Both were in '98.
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For me, it was the Richard Pryor classic, "The Toy".  My uncle was taking my cousin to see it, and I was invited to go along with them.  We made the 31 mile trip to the closest mall and watched it at the theater there.
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