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TDitH's Non-traditional Christmas Movies 2: Going Japanese

     With bells ringing, lights going up, and that all too familiar sweet smell of spices and baked goods in the air Christmas is here again and that also means my annual Christmas article is here as well. This time around I'm going to highlight a couple films that are what you would call nontraditional Christmas films. I did it once before and it was high time for another go. This time though we look towards the land of the rising sun. So let's take a look at two classics.

Tokyo Godfathers

     Let's start with one that captures the feeling of Christmas while giving a few laughs. Released in 2003, Tokyo Godfathers is what's called a Tragicomedy, a blend of comedy and tragedy, as it revolves around three homeless people finding a baby and returning the baby to their parents. Over time the viewer learns more about these characters and goes into many themes that are very Christmas, without it being all about the holiday. 


     This movie is a favorite of mine because it feels  more like Christmas than what Christmas films try to be. They focus on the commercialized aspects of the holiday, which isn't bad, it just gets stale after a while. Tokyo Godfathers focuses on the less focused aspects on the holiday. That being family, love and unexpected miracles. 


Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

     My "Die Hard is a Christmas movie" recommendation of the year involves giant robots, philosophy, and war. Gundam Wing Endless Waltz is a film continuation of the series Gundam Wing. Though the mechs were redesigned from the series designs the reception of the change was well received. Originally the film were three OVA specials released in Japan spanning from January 25th 1997- July 25th 1997 it was made into a proper film and released on August 1st 1998. It aired in the west on Toonami on November 10th 2000 to high praise and higher views. 

     The setting takes place a year after the war between earth and the space colonies have ended and a new unified nation is born. Though this peace does not last as a rebellion breaks out. While not a traditional film, the symbolism remains. Between the obvious decorations and the subtle symbolism in the film, this movie will bring you into the spirit of the holidays in a more nuanced sense.

Between these two films there should be something enjoyable there. from me to you all, have a happy holiday. 



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onipar Posted on Jan 15, 2022 at 04:07 PM

Wow, some interesting picks! Yeah, I never saw either of these. Might have to pop them on my list for next year.

Benjanime Posted on Dec 06, 2021 at 07:25 PM

i think in my opinion the only two good gundam shows on toonami were g-gundam and gundam wing, not too much filler like gundam seed. at least coming from memory, that's how they were to me, i might have to watch them again.

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