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The world of Game Boy Color Accessories

If you're a 90's kid like me, chances are you had some accessories for a video game handheld you owned, whether it was the Sega Game Gear, or Nintendo's Game Boy systems. During the lifespan of the Game Boy Color is when I perused some store catalogues, and finding some helpful accessories that not only increased the usage of the system, but improved some areas as well.


The Worm light

The very first accessory I came across was the worm light from Nyko, an attachable light that aimed straight down to the GBC's screen. Although it did seem to produce a glare that may be slightly irritating at first, it was a big help when playing the handheld at night, and for $10 it wasn't a bad retail price. The only drawback is the light consuming the battery power.


Color Protector

Owning a handheld you've most likely dropped it by accident at least a few times during the years of owning it, and the Color Protector from InterAct had a rubbery cover to put around the Game Boy Color's shell, though I think my sweating hands from gameplay did get it quite slippery.


Shock 'N' Rock

The Shock 'N' Rock, another Nyko accessory came with three unique features, sliding it in from the bottom of the handheld, it added ten hours of battery life, had better speakers, and a rumble feature. The price may have been a bit steep though for what it came with, for this small attachment you'd have to fork over $30, but you can't beat that added battery life!


Game Boy Camera

Okay so it's not technically a Game Boy Color themed accessory given the lack of color on screen, but the black and white image photo taking of this unique device made it a must have for anyone with Game Boy or Game Boy Color. You could take and store photos, play minigames, and even print them if you had the Game Boy printer!


Camera Link

Speaking of which, if you wanted to ever transfer those Game Boy Camera photos digitally, you could do so with the Camera Link from Mad Catz. And bundled with it was a software CD, allowing you to store them on your computer, send them through email, internet, and other computer programs. Seeing them on a bigger screen might hurt your eyes, but at least you could share them over the web!


Pokémon Carrying Case

Any Pokémon fan would surely fancy lugging around this neat Game Boy Color carrying case with them as they looked forward to trading over their critters to their friends, and I was happy to have one. I can't remember the exact price for it, since it came with a secondary pouch for trading cards and Game Boy cartridges, I think a good $10 would fit the bill.


What gaming handheld accessories were must haves for you? Leave a comment and as always, see you next article!

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splatkillwill Posted on Mar 16, 2021 at 12:50 AM

I gushed over the Shock 'N' Rock in ads. Always jelly of my 2nd cousins Worm light. (they also had Red Blue and Yellow before I finally got Sliver with lawn mowing money). Had a weird neighbor with a Game Gear, I was like: what is this alien tech??

pikachulover Posted on Feb 05, 2021 at 08:09 AM

I still have my Pokémon carrying case with my Game Boy color still in it. I remember them being sold at KB on Black Friday. I found mine a few months later at a Big Lots store. Mine is purple with black trim.

Benjanime Posted on Jan 20, 2021 at 04:12 AM


the magazines i saw them advertised in made them look so fun and interesting to have, and i remember seeing some even giving their own reviews too ;) i'm glad to see the switch getting its own accessories too, it really takes me back! thanks for your overwhelmingly cute compliments my love, and thanks for reading!

Julie Posted on Jan 20, 2021 at 04:08 AM

When I first had the Game Boy Color, this came along with Pokémon Yellow and Speedy Gonzales, and a bundle from Nyko with the light worm and a simplified version of the Shock 'N' Rock containing only the extended battery, and also its wall charger.
The Game Boy Camera was a legit object of desire for me when I first saw it in the magazines of the time.
So awesome to remember that time when I discovered Pokémon Yellow and became a fan of that unforgettable fun! Luckily we still have handhelds today, like the Nintendo Switch, and why not, all the others handhelds too! I love all of this and those charismatic articles, whimsical and written with care. I love you, my @Benjanime. ❤❤

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