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DJ Hoodie's Retro Post-Breakup Songs

     As Valentines Day approaches, heart shaped sweets and jewelry are abound and so are specials for couples in restaurants as well as love songs. But this isn't about that, this is for those that have been down in the dumps, been hurt, or just need music that feels right for their mood. Don't worry, DJ Hoodie has you covered with four post breakup songs from years past to scratch that itch and help you feel better from that justified post break up mood. So let's begin with a bit of R&B shall we?  


Return of the Mack- Mark Morrison

     After a break up, usually a nasty one, you tend to be in a slump, Return of The Mack is about coming back from that slump, in the words of Mark Morrison himself.

"When I wrote that song, it was all about my moving from the negative to the positive. And that's how it turned out. Within the space of a year, I went from the lowest point of my life to return as The Mack and move forward to what's become the highest point of my life."

     The song is more based on a betrayal and the slump and comeback afterwards. The music itself is an upbeat R&B tone as it reflects the lyrics and will pick up in the chorus. Perfect for those needing that 'comeback song' in their lives. 


King of Wishful Thinking- Go West

     Denial is a hard pill to swallow, but it is needed to move on. This song takes that and turns it into an upbeat, but harsh song as it talks about willful denial and ignorant bliss. The upbeat music plays into and counters the lyrics as the singer is trying to put on a happy face as the life and love he knew, comes down around him. 

     This song was in the soundtrack for the 1990 film Pretty Woman, but wasn't put onto their own album until 1992. One of the inspirations for the musical part of the song was The Young Cannibals's She Drives me Crazy. 

The song itself is a '90s pop song through and through with a bit more to it depending on your mood. 


Found Out About You- Gin Blossoms


     No one likes to be cheated on, this song is one of the anthems of those that have been down that road. Where in the song the narrator, singer, of the lyrics recounts the times he's been cheated on and where and when he was betrayed through other people. This song is about the flashbacks of the moment of betrayal of their trust and how they found out about their betrayal.

     The song was written by the band's former guitarist Doug Hopkins and it was about a few episodes with his past girlfriends. Though he was fired from the band due to a drinking problem and ended his own life in 1993. So while the writer is gone, this song has become a classic in the genre, it is also a classic among those who have been hurt from a cheater.


Here I Go Again- White Snake

      Another thing that comes after heartbreak, is loneliness, Whitesnake's Here I Go Again covers the topic and it also gives it a 'Take it on the chin' mentality with the way it is sung and the instrumentals playing a more heavier and somber tone and picks up around the chorus to a triumphant sound. 

The song was written by the leader of the band and it documents the breakdown of his first marriage. 

     The song as a whole is known as a classic rock song and as an anthem for the brokenhearted. It hits just the right notes and the instrumentals feel just right. 


     So while Valentine's Day is more about companies trying to sell you cheap sweets and expensive jewelry, don't feel bad if you don't have that special someone. As long as you have friends and family, you aren't alone and are loved. And if you were dumped, it gets better. As always, live life and live nostalgic. 



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Vaporman87 Posted on Feb 20, 2020 at 03:40 PM

That Whitesnake tune is all too familiar. I recall the time a former Stepdad of mine tried using that song to heal the relationship with he and my mom after his um... infidelity. She fell for it for a little while, but the relationship didn't last much longer after that.

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