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My Visit To The Attic

By: MatuX2

It's me, MatuX, with my second article. I hope you like It!

............Oh, hey guys!  I did not realize you were there. Come on in, take a seat, and join me on this magical journey. Ok,ok... I actually wanted this to start like one of those old story telling tv shows, but I think it didn't go as well as I hoped...

ANYWAY, I do want to tell you a story about what happened to me today. I actually visited my old house. As soon as I got in I ran to the attic to pick up some of my favorite toys from long ago. So, let's begin this magical journey...

Part 1 : Morning

As soon as I got up from my bed I went to the shower. When I got out there was no one home. My wife nor my sister were there. I was actually happy because I thought of playing video games all day, but I had a feeling that wanted to revisit my childhood. So I got in the car and I drove to my mom's house. As soon as I entered I walked slowly into the living room, because that's usually where my mom is. But she wasn't there. I searched everywhere for her but neither my mom or dad was there. I thought it was strange, but since I was alone I thought "Hey, why dont I go into the attic and pick up some of my old figures?" I Immediately thought it was a great idea, so there I went.

Part 2: The Attic

As I entered the attic, I saw all the boxes full of toys. I was so full of joy that I ran to the boxes to open them all and see all my old figures I used to play with so much. 

Part 3: The Toys

I opened all the boxes, and the first toys I picked up were my original Fraggle Rock Mcdonalds collection.

I was so happy to see these guys. And, the moment that I saw them, I had a flashback to all those times making them race each other with my friends. Oh, all the good days.... 

As soon as I saw this figure I screamed in the echoey attic "YES GAWD YES!!!" I was so excited to see this figure that I jumped up and down. Of them all, this was my most joyous moment.This was my all-time favorite Star Wars toy, even though it wasn't that popular.

"ERMAGHERD." That is just what I said as soon as I found this figure. It had to be one of my all-time favorite toys. The reason is because I love bulky toys. They are just epic!

Part 4: The Games

Well, I picked up a lot of other toys from the boxes, but I just showed you my favorites. Moving on to the next box, there were my video games. Sweet Gawd.

MY ORIGINAL POKEMON RED AND MY ORIGINAL GAMEBOY!!! There was a moment that I thought that I was starting to act like a little girl while I opened these boxes, but I couldn't resist screaming at the sight of each thing I pulled out from the boxes. Now, this game had me for hours in bed playing it. Even though my mom told me to go to sleep, it never stopped me.

MAH GAWD.,This is my favorite game of all time. But sadly, I never really knew where it was. But now I have found It! I just cried. 

Part 5: Music CD'S

As soon as I saw the next box labeled "Music", I ran to it like a beast. Let's see what's inside.

Nirvana has always been my favorite band of all time. Yes, I know they are overrated, but they are, and always will be, my favorite. I love this CD.

Yes, I love Marilyn Manson's music. I have since I was a kid, and this was the first single CD I ever got. Sadly, I do not have the front cover. But, honestly, I don't really care because I freaking love this CD!

Ahh, Pink Floyd. One of my favorite bands of all time. This band was kind of a family thing we would listen to everyday. But this was always my favourite album by them. Awesome stuff. Before I continue with all the other parts, remember - these are not all the CD's I had. These are just my favorites.

Part 6: The Movies

When I was a kid, I loved this movie. And, I still do. Even though my mom didn't like it that much, she still loved Pink Floyd. My dad did love this film as much as I did.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has always been my 2nd favorite movie of all time. I just love this film. A masterpiece from Mr. Burton. Oh, and when I found this I screamed so hard that the birds on the window flew away.

Now, I have never been very affected by sad movies, but this film made me cry when I was just a little kid. Yeah, It's a very sad film.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! As soon as I grabbed this VHS I jumped so much I tripped and fell. But I just got up and put this in my bag. This movie is my all-time favorite movie. I just remember watching this movie each Christmas.Ohh the days.

Part 7: The End

I was so happy with all the goodies I picked up. And there was so much of it I had to get a travel bag. But when I went to the kitchen counter to get a glass of water,I saw an invitation for my nephew... and it was today...I FORGOT!!!.AND WORST OF ALL I HAD NO PRESENTS!!! I Ran to the attic to grab an old Polly Pocket figure and playset from my Sister. It was the perfect present. So, remember toys can save you sometimes. Haha!

Well, that's the end. I really hope you liked this article. And I hope it's a pretty good one. Thanks!!See Ya! MatuX.
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RevJ Posted on Apr 14, 2013 at 01:18 PM

Great story! I can still remember the days my mum asked me if I wanted to keep the Atari, and the C64. And I said I didn't, check em... Wail! However she is actually moving house later this month, and if there's no old boxes of mine to plunder, I will be peeking at my brother's and sister's stuff :)

AceNThaHole Posted on Apr 05, 2013 at 01:08 PM

I liked reading your article but cant say I understand why you did so much screaming :D

raptor Posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 06:07 PM

I remember a couple years back, I went down into my my parents cellar and found a bag with some stuffed animals in it. But down in the bottom was one of my old Gi Joe vehicles. I was so excited, until I realized it wasnt worth anything on ebay.

Vaporman87 Posted on Mar 27, 2013 at 08:17 PM

If only there were an "attic" I could go to that I knew contained some of my childhood possessions. Unfortunately, most everything that I ever called my own have been discovered and stored away, or sold.

Sure, there are some items across the street from my office that is used as storage, and there are several items there from as early as the mid-90's. But nothing that would surprise me too greatly if I dug them out.

I often wonder how cool it would be to visit a house that has been abandoned for many years and find some great retro treasures. How fun that would be!

Thanks for this MatuX!

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