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Farewell Bob Hoskins

By: MissM

On April 29th 2014 actor and director Bob Hoskins passed away. I do not usually write about the passing of movie stars as I feel that there are other places on the Internet that have beautifully worded articles to sum up how I feel about such a loss, but I had to say something about Bob Hoskins. His was a familiar face on screen during my childhood. For a time it felt like he was going to appear in every single movie I enjoyed as a kid.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a special movie and it was the first that I can remember seeing him in. It was revolutionary at the time for my younger self, and it was Bob’s character that somehow reminded me of my dad and my uncle (my dad’s brother.) There were quite a few movies of his where I felt like there was a similarity between Bob Hoskins and my dad. Now this isn’t one of those, “I have daddy issues and was looking for my father in Bob Hoskins.” It was more like he was an actor that I enjoyed seeing on the screen, like a familiar face. Someone I knew who would make the role memorable and entertaining. Almost like he was related to us, as if there was some strand that felt connected or similar to the people in my life. I know I am not the only one that has felt this way about people in our pop culture conscious. At least I hope I’m not.


Look at Hook for example. He was fantastic as Smee. He looked the part and that movie was a virtual check list of familiar faces for that time. Seeing him made the movie even that much better. There was a difference in his roles, but once you saw his eyes or heard his voice, you knew who was behind that particular role making it something to be remembered.

Even his performance as Mario somehow worked. Let’s be clear, the Super Mario Bros. movie was not exactly the best, there was a lot wrong with it, but somehow seeing him on screen made everything ok. His acting in various films was top notch but there was also a lovely sense of humor to a majority of his roles that I just really enjoyed.  


My favorite movie that he was in was Mermaids from 1990. Sure it may have had something to do with Cher, Winona, and Christina, but that movie and his role in it was very important to me.


It was a great coming-of-age film that came out at a time when I was thrust onto the verge of a coming-of-age all my own. His role as Lou left me rooting for a happily ever after with Cher’s character Rachel. There was a lot of dysfunction with the mother and her two daughters (Winona and Christina) and Lou was a stable presence, a reminder that there were other possibilities for a different life. It was an important aspect of the film and it was Bob Hoskin’s acting that truly delivered that particular performance. I’m not saying that Rachel needed a man to make her complete, but if she was going to have a string of men involved in her life, I wanted Lou to be the one that made it all count.


This was a movie that I watched on a loop. We saw it in the movie theater and once it was on television I was always watching it. The performances were all delightful while the story was a great tale. Even when acting as a ‘regular’ guy, Bob Hoskins created a sense of fantasy.


It’s also no surprise that he appeared in many fantasy inspired films from fairy tales to working with animated characters and voice over work. There was a sense about his work that just stuck with me and that is why I am saddened that he is gone. He was in his early seventies so there was still some more years left for him to entertain us, and that is just a shame. It is hard to see someone gone that you have grown up watching, very much like the passing of Harold Ramis this past February.


I know that must sound silly, because I did not know him personally, but that is the power of movies and pop culture. These people breathe life into characters that stick with us long after the movie is over and the years have gone by. I never knew Bob Hoskins personally, but if I am saddened by his passing, I can only imagine how those who were close to him must feel.


If there can be a bit of solace in something like this, it is nice to know that his work is here for us to continue to enjoy. He may be gone, but his characters and acting live on inspiring us and taking us to delightful worlds. Now I need to go and watch Mermaids. My goodness that was such a fun movie!


Were you a fan of Bob Hoskins? What were some of your favorite things that he was a part of? Please feel free to share, and I hope that you are all doing well.     

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DoctorRyan Posted on May 19, 2014 at 05:17 AM

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, will always be one of my top movies of all time. He will be sorely missed.

Fulton4V Posted on May 07, 2014 at 06:17 PM

Will miss you Bob. Thanks you for all the cool movies.

Vaporman87 Posted on May 06, 2014 at 05:01 PM

I was indeed a fan of Bob's. He was a great actor and by all accounts a decent fellow.

These passings are a sober reminder that, though we may live separate lives in completely different cultures, we all share the same fate... even those "larger than life" stars.

He will be greatly missed.

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