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I've never really been a fan of Hanna-Barbera. I much prefer that other master of low-budget TV animation, Jay Ward.  His rapid-fire segments woven deeply with vaudeville and Borscht Belt sensibility kept me glued to my couch with a cast of characters who made their way through history and serial-style adventure, all with a dose of satire and critique of modern society. Did anyone else here grow up watching Fractured Fairy Tales, Uncle Waldo, and Crusader Rabbit?

The only show I watched was of course, Rocky and Bullwinkle. I definitely loved the style and feel of the show when I watched it. I can only compare it to gourmet cheese. It tastes gross at first, but you come to appreciate it once you know what to taste for.
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I think I could get some entertainment out of a few of the shows... Rocky & Bullwinkle, Roger Ramjet, and Dudley Doright. But that was about the extent of it.
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My parents grew up with these cartoons. I used to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle. I used to have old Rocky and Bullwinkle paint by numbers my parents panted in my bedroom. I saw some Uncle Waldo cartoons a few years ago. They were pretty funny.
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Mr Magic
I've seen Rocky and Bullwinkle, but that's about it.
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