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Mr Magic
Have you recently seen a woman who had kind of a long 80's hairstyle and told her "1989 called. They want their hairstyle back."?

Or were you in a situation similar to this one?

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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

What? Of course not!

She might counter it with, "1987 called and they want their phrase back."
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I can't say I have ever said anything like that to anyone. But I've seen plenty of persons, places, and things that could warrant the phrase.
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You love this signature.
Mr Magic
I haven't either. If I did, I'd probably get slapped. lol

No one's probably done that in real life.
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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

Caps 2.0
I wouldn't do that. I'd be more likely to compliment them on the hairstyle. Unlike many people, I don't have a problem with 80s hair. Sometimes my hair gets big and long, and I like that look on me. Some people in my family don't, though. For example, when I got a haircut a few years back, shortly after that, my uncle came up for lunch. It ended up as an argument after he said my haircut made me look presentable. I was offended by that, because it's like he was saying that my hair wasn't presentable before that. I got mad, called him a drunk and left the meal early. I apologized to him later, but in my mind I was thinking, "Do I really want to take notes on my personal appearance from a man who said he wanted to get a look like Dog The Bounty Hunter's?".

EDIT: By that last sentence, I meant it seemed hypocritical on his part to criticize my big, long hair when he wanted that look himself.
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