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As I posted on RJ, Richard Kiel died on September 10, 2014.

Richard was, as he said, very TALL, lol.  It really was quite surprising how a man over 7 ft. tall found work in so many projects spanning so many decades.

Yes, his most famous appearance was with the James Bond franchise as "Jaws" but I will always associated him with his stunning appearance on "The Twilight Zone" as a Kanamit in the episode, "To Serve Man".

Richard was a true fan of science fiction and I will miss him.

Rest In Peace Richard Kiel

Yeah. We posted about him when he died here too. Jaws was far and away my favorite Bond villain (and later non-villain).
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It's embarrassing but I used to get Richard Kiel confused with Ted Cassidy.

Ted was "Ruk" on the original Star Trek.

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