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The titular flagship launch title for the Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 is definitely a classic.

I have fond memories of playing this game. And, since it's release almost 20 years ago, it seems many superfans have found a variety of "secrets" hidden from plain view.

I recall an episode of GameTrailers featuring the "L is Real 2401" mystery... was Luigi in the game?

Now, somebody has found the elusive "Undefeatable Goomba" and superfans are sure to attempt various hacks in order to "kill" him.

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as i'd heard about online functionality with the wii and ds becoming
discontinued i decided to get super mario 64 from the wii virtual
console to transfer to my wii u, since it might be a long while before
n64 titles start getting releases on the wii u virtual console. it still
holds up, and thanks to the wii u adding better detail in texture it's
been a very enjoyable experience up to this point.

i also got it as a packed in game when i first got my nintendo 64. also...

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Mr Magic
I loved making Mario fly with his Wing Cap. That was a very nice feature.

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Apparently, Luigi was going to show up in this title, and was even shown in a screenshot in a Nintendo Power issue, but unfortunately, that never came to fruition. A shame, it would have been great to have seen Luigi in the game. And no, I do not count the DS remake where Nintendo once again pulls a George Lucas.
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I find it amazing (And even a bit disturbing) how players can comb a game like that! They have to test every single pixelated inch of the level in hopes of finding something hidden. Who would have thought of walking up to a wall and zooming around?
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@vkimo: I think a lot of what is found in these old games is discovered when someone hacks the game and discovers unused assets or code.
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