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i'm not sure if i mentioned it before (on another particular website that i went on) but in one of the chapters of gilda, there was a plot that involved gilda wanting some sort of operating robot maid to clean up her spaceship while she would be out scouring a planet on foot.

unfortunately with a lack of support in finding such a thing, she decided to make a clone, one that would be capable of only taking caring of cleaning duties. unfortunately, the process went haywire, making a dopey, shorter version of herself. now that i have the new gilda xl series, i'm not certain where to put her in.

mostly i made this character as to make the series a bit more interesting, but i think she should be a staple, somewhat. what do you guys think?

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I can't say really, one way or another, without some type of reference. Do you have any strips you can post to give us an idea?
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