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shakin steak
We all know about playing Nintendo games in a web browser.  Today I'd like to do something a little older.

This is a game I played in grade school on Apple // computers.
It's a selling game.  Every day you are given conditions (weather, road construction, cost of production) and must decide how much lemonade to make, how much advertising to do, and how much to charge.  Then results are given, and you move on to the next day. 

Not exactly thrilling now, but for 1st grade me, it kind of was.  And I think it built the foundation for me to enjoy Drugwars (many years later...of course.)

You can play Lemonade Stand, and many other ancient games, at the Internet Archive's Historical Software collection.

Woah. There's a game I never encountered. It's a unique idea for the time. Kind of like a "sim" game from the early days.
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shakin steak
Yeah.  It was made by MECC. 

They wrote a lot of awesome educational games in the early days of microcomputers.  You know, stuff like Number Munchers and, oh, THE OREGON TRAIL
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