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Forum » Nostalgiamatic Podcast » Nostalgiamatic Podcast - Episode #25: Let It Snow

The boys at Nostalgiamatic have a new episode up on the "Podcasts" page. Check it out if you get the chance. And don't forget to listen to the most recent Retro Rewind Podcast while your there!

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When I was a kid I used to live in a town with a lot of hills the best
hill was at a school. I had one of those plastic sleds the long ones.
One day I was sledding with my family and I was sledding down I felt a
bump and I didn't look around me when sledding so when I got down to the
hill I got up turns out I ran over a kid. Soon enough I was rushed to
get in the car by my mom and drove off before the kid's parents found
out I ran their kid over.
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I would say the most memorable things about winter growing up were the various "tunnels" that we would make through the snow. We had four or five very large (like 10 feet tall and almost that big around) bushes with long branches sitting in the front of our house. When the snow was on, the branches would get loaded down and slump over against the house, creating a series of tunnels. We would brush out the excess snow, and in very short order we had an awesome snow hideout.

The hill in front of our house provided a great place to sled down. However, you had to be careful of the barbed wire fence at the bottom. If you didn't get stopped in time, you might find yourself visiting the clinic for a tetanus shot. 
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You love this signature.
shakin steak
Vaporman87 wrote :
various "tunnels" that we would make through the snow
-end quote
That's awesome.  And hey, tetanus shots are good for ten years, aren't they? 

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