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I came across this news item from November of last year. All I can say is... that's A LOT of tapes.

"Well, someone forgot to tell the late Marion Stokes, who spent the years
from 1977 through 2012 recording all that stuff from her own home. She
was equipped with as many as eight television recorders. She taped CNN,
MSNBC, Fox News and various others. She left behind 140,000 VHS tapes."

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Mr Magic
Keeping those in the house would not have been easy.
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shakin steak
I really like that archive.org is taking them on.  Although now that this opportunity has arisen, I would hope they will just start recording stuff as it happens instead of waiting for another enormous backlog to show up.  A TV tuner for a computer costs as little as $20.

Also...assuming all of those 140,000 tapes are six hours...that is over 95 years straight of footage. 
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Maybe she has some footage of programming that was thought lost or destroyed.
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I actually preferred VHS over dvd more then I should. I don't know why I do there is just something with VHS that I like over dvd.
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