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Another KickStarter success comes to us in the form of a U.S. based gaming magazine with it's sole focus being the great games of yesteryear, and their impact on us today.

What I like here, is the talent that this man has gathered for this endeavor. He has some big names from gaming magazine publishing's glorious past, including one I knew the work of quite well from his days at EGM in the early 90's... Ed Semrad.

I've purchased 10 copies of the first issue, so anyone who wants one sent to them, PM me. In the meantime, visit the official site here, and hit them up with some Facebook likes and whatnot.

We must support our "retro" brethren.

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You love this signature.
Sounds great. I am indeed interested in a copy.
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shakin steak
Hm, now this I would really like to see.
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