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What video games have you gotten for Christmas  (or some other holiday that you celebrate)?

For me, video games feel really special at Christmas, or winter break.  They are great all year, but getting new games and two weeks off school is the best!


My first Mega Man game...and still my favorite.


I'll be honest with you...I never understood this game. It's notoriously difficult to win, and if you play it right, you might only get into one battle. My uncle, a big Star Trek fan, probably thought this was really interesting. One thing I will say though, is that old games like this that are hard to even figure out are a lot more entertaining than new games with that issue.


My aunt, who worked in a video store, got this and it just had the hard plastic store case. A Japanese copy, with a NES adapter. I wonder if they had this before the game even came out in America. This was really special to me, even though it was used and had no box or manual (which I prized with all my other games, when I could get them.)

I received my NES one Christmas (which turned out to be probably the best ever Christmas hauls in my life) and several games with it. There was one game in particular that I recall my brother and I playing almost all day that Christmas... something by Jaleco that had two ships flying across the screen (two players). I can't remember the name of the game now. Something with a bubble... eh... can't remember.
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I don't recall getting new game systems on Christmas. But throughout my childhood, I would receive games that I owned for some of the current systems at the time. Particularly, the Playstation and Nintendo 64.
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I've gotten Video games at least one every Christmas. Most notable were Getting a Gameboy Color and an N64 with games on the same Christmas. Though this year I had to buy my own 3DS. Though I've gotten Gamecube and my xbox 360 for Christmas
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