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Who here goes to conventions? I've been to a few and I got one next week. I'm talking about any kind. My list is this so far including next week.

Tora-Con 2010-2011

CGA 2011

Shadocon 2011

Metrocon 2012 2013

Chibi Pa 2013

List what cons you've been to. Can't wait to see your answers

Been to Wizard World Chicago and Philly (back in the mid-2000's). That's it. I would like to get some folks from here to get into RetroCon next year, to report on it a bit.
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Next October, I'm planning on going to the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey. I'm already saving up money for it. I'll probably write an article about it when I do...Whether it's for this site or RetroJunk, I haven't decided yet.
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I returned from Chibi Pa a while back but just got around to posting this. I have a few pics for you guys to see. Top is ether of me or by me. The last one is my loot from the trip. Enjoy

The outside of the Hotel on the second day

Me at Cracker Barrel for Breakfast

Me and a friend before the nerf war.

A Cosplayer of Consuella from Family Guy

And my loot

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Loot! Awesome Justin. Especially liking the "mafia" style mixed with Nerf weaponry.

Also, there is a small piece on this year's RetroCon in the new Cool & Collected magazine.
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