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Even today, you can get your hands on stickers with familiar scents built into them.

Go ahead. Scratch it. Can you smell it?

But way back when, these babies were new, fun, and collectable. I once had a binder with nothing but Scratch N Sniff stickers that I had collected.

The process of attaching a scent to a sticker is actually kind of simple at it's heart. But the process and materials are a little different these days.

However, the folks at do things the old fashioned way, and it makes for an authentic, classic, odorous adhesive.

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Mr Magic
Ah, I remember these bad boys. I used to have one from way back that smelled like smoke from a barbeque grill. I think I remember some that smelled like garbage and old shoes. Barf! I want the Root Beer Superstar sticker. I do love the taste and smell of root beer!
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pikachulover Quote Disable Sigs
I remember these. However half the time they didn't smell like what they were.
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