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I love the 80s/90s, neon, cheap-glamorous, superelectronics wonderland that was the video store.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH look at it!  Yes, yes, yes.  That was the future.  Now that I find myself living in the real future, I'm really disappointed.  Everything is supposed to look like that now and it does not!  I've been ripped off!

So, uh, yes, please post pictures of similar places.  They don't even have to be video stores.  Just places that look like what we knew the future would look like in 1987.  Thank you!

Well, I'm afraid that, when you live in the 2nd poorest county in Ohio, you don't see much of what you have in the above photo.

Here, you take what you can get. And back when I first got my driver's license, my brother and I would frequent two places for our video and games fix.


Home Entertainment Center was a hole in the wall joint that usually got the new stuff in every Tuesday and Friday and we made sure to get there early for what we needed. It closed several years ago, but the empty building remains.


Vaughan's was a grocery store in a tiny town near where I lived. In the years leading up to it's closing, my brother and I stopped here also, mostly looking for SNES games. They had a good selection and we really enjoyed spending a half an hour a trip looking over the goods. It also closed many years ago. It was re-opened as Hometown Market for a few years then closed once again.

Good times, those.
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We don't have any video stores in our town anymore. Our local library, though, has an extensive selection of DVDs to borrow, so for people who want to borrow, all they need is a library card. I buy my stuff online and sometimes in stores, but if I'm able to spare it, I'll occasionally buy 2 of certain retro DVDs and CDs for our library.
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