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Recently I was made to think to myself... "What?" 

This happened because I saw a commercial for Denny's that was cross-promoting... "The Hobbit".

That just struck me as an odd pairing.

I'm curious to know if anyone has had the same feeling regarding other, similar, cross-promotions.

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Nothing odd about that at all, when you look at the typical Denny's patron...short, hairy, kinda funny looking... I kid, I kid, I love Denny's, myself...I prefer an old, one-of-a-kind railcar diner, but Denny's will do in a pinch.

Ah, the biggest thing to me was the recent Mazda/Lorax movie cross promo. Not even a hybrid car. And they said the car gets "truffula tree seal of approval" so somebody involved did actually know something about the story. I can't wrap my head around how that even got past scribbles-in-a-notebook stage.
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How the Lorax managed to get attached to ANY brand is beyond me. Talk about "preachy" movies.
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This. Not a movie but hey its TV!

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insert Chuck Norris meme here