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what fruit snacks did you guys enjoy eating in and outside of school? a personal favorite of mine were the gushers snacks as well as fruit by the foot

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I enjoyed Gushers too. Gummy bears were a favorite of mine as well. And I'm still fond of Starburst and Skittles.
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shakin steak
...just when you thought it was safe to eat Shark Bites!

Also, everything that you guys mentioned, plus fruit rollups, fruit leather, and various generic fruit snacks shaped like dinosaurs and other fun things.
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Fruit Roll ups were the fruit snack of choice for me. A box of them might last two days, max. Strawberry was my flavor.
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Fruit snacks were a lunchbox staple of mine from K-6th grade. I liked how gimmicky they could be in the 80s and 90s. Fruit by the Foot, String thing, gushers, and those ones that were like little soda bottles. I liked those. Rox were weird they would usually get stuck in a big clump in the bag because they were so small.

I liked the Berry Bears. They were so girly and had shapes like unicorns and pink birthday cake slices. Fraley's was a good brand too. Usually they would mess up and give you about 11-14 pouches in a box marked 10 pouches. But usually there were bags with just a few fruit snacks in the bag.

I could go on and on about all the different licensed character brands.

I love gummis too. Sometimes when I go to those choose your own candy store I load up on the HTF gummis.

I still buy fruit snacks now.
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shakin steak
How could I have forgotten...

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