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Not sure if anyone has been in the know about this, but a modern video game release of Robocop has been out since late last year, and it takes place after Robocop 2 chronologically. It's pretty impressive for a game made by a brand new video game developer, I remember how let down I was with the Robocop game that released on the original Xbox back in the early 2000s, so to see this being a far better experience took me by surprise. They even got Peter Weller to reprise his role. I suppose if there is one nitpick I have though, it's that the physical version was hard to come by in walk-in stores so I had to get my copy online. Have you played it yet?

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I did watch some of the gameplay on YouTube, and it seemed pretty cool. I may have to check it out further.

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Mr Magic

If Peter Weller's reprising, you know it's gonna be a great game.

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Rick Ace Rhodes

I've been wanting to play it. I don't think I am going to get a PS5 but I might get an Xbox Series X to play it on.

The developer that made it also made a really good Terminator game a couple of years ago. Probably the best Terminator game ever made.


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