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Hello Retro Daze!!
I'm sorry for not posting as much on here as I should be doing!
Eitherwhoo(new word) as for the "Former" well that's where the name of "Lottech" comes as it was the name given to those who worked in the Lot of our Hardware store. But I'm still gonna be known as Lottech96 on here well because it's kinda cool!

with that said and done I hope to enjoy myself and the people here on this wonderful forum and site that  has been built here!!

 my main schtick (what that?lol) are Classic to modern TV and Commercials. weather or not Good or Bad. I Tend to enjoy anything from the 1980s and 1990s But I have a soft spot for the 1960s and 1970s!! soo yeah I'm sure there's more to me that what...No I'm not gonna thow in a Transformers ref in there. Any whosit. thatsaboutit!

Oh good it's on here!!

That gets scary when you see your newly made posts disappear and you're like O_O where'd it go?!
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Mr Magic
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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

Hi... Welcome to my Forum. Beware of Wallmasters.
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blueluigi wrote :

Hi... Welcome to my Forum. Beware of Wallmasters.

Xe-A-Thoul is turning in his grave right now.

And hi Lottech, remember you from RJ with the Toonami avatar right?
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Hello... again.
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You love this signature.
Oh hey ! Yes I did have a Clyde49 avatar from Toonami
as well as the center wheel hub of the Ferrari's wheel from OutRun, the alien from Space Fury (in which I dubbed the "Space Man Monster") Master Control Program (Sark's comunication grid) and I think a mutant from some sci fi.
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