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Mr Magic

I played Final Fantasy III last night. I'm in the beginning part of it, so wish me luck.

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Rick Ace Rhodes

After not having played video games in nearly a year, I played Twisted Metal Black yesterday. Forgot how fun and frustrating the game is.

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I always hated how the CPU cars in that game don't even build up acceleration, they just instantly go at full speed. You always had to shoot at them from a distance just to get some hits in.

I recently played Mario Kart 64 and I've gotta say, I just can't go back to getting used to the loose turning unlike the more modern titles. I just feel like I'm sliding on ice.

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Mr Magic

Really need to get back in the swing of playing Twisted Metal again.

I've also played Championship Bowling from Sega Genesis. Me and my dad love bowling at the local alley. And I'm hoping this game can help me improve my game lol

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"Magic can happen to you."