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  • By adam83
  • At 14:42 On 23 October 2023
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Hello, my name is Adam. I've been new here for the past couple of days, and am wondering


1. How many people frequent this site?

2. Since I'm hoping to submit an article on here, how long does it take for it to be approved and published? I submitted something to retrojunk on Wednesday October 18, but it is still pending as of October 23.


Hello Adam, I've migrated from RetroJunk as well since the early 2010s, a few users here still drop by often and I'll pop in when I can.

Submitted articles can vary on when they'll show up on the front page. Normally it would be a week wait but it may take longer due to traffic of other articles waiting to get approved. Our admin, Vaporman will carefully read through each article and approve them when he can. Just give it some time and they'll show up eventually.

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Great to meet you Adam, I'm also an alum of RetroJunk. I signed up with Retro-Daze as Vertex was wornout from my constant postings from the 20th century.

For example:

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Welcome Adam! Thanks for joining us.

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