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Forum » RetroDaze Theater » Riffs or No Riffs?

Adding the riffs to each film is a time consuming process, but it's one I have no problem with IF it is something you all want to have as part of the movie presentations.


If it is not something you pay any particular attention to, or don't feel is an integral part of the theater experience, please let me know so that I can use the time spent creating them to work on other things.


If you do enjoy them, and wish to see them stay, let me know so that I have some incentive to spend the hours it takes to create them.


Thanks guys!

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Caps 2.0
Although I do find the riffs funny, I like the users' jokes as well. If you were to get rid of them, there would still be our humor in the chat box.

EDIT: And by them, I mean the riffs.
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I for one, enjoy having them around. Though, it is up to the other users how they feel about it.
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I like them. I vote keep, now get to work
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insert Chuck Norris meme here