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I saw this image and instantly I began dreaming of all the money I could make on Ebay if I could just reach into it and grab all those original Star Wars products.

Funny thing is, the way that toy aisles are arranged these days in most department or toy stores is really not much different.

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Mr Magic
When I was a kid, and I had to go shopping with my parents, I begged them to let me go to the toy aisle.
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best lie ever told by my parents: "we don't have the money to go to toys 'r' us, we have to pay an admission to get inside".

it's like they knew that i was gonna go nuts over all of water guns and action figures
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The only time I can recall going into a Toys R Us was last year. Me and my brother had gotten out of the house because our town was still affected by the blackout from Hurricane Sandy. My brother wanted to get a toy for the son of one of his friends. I went with him, and as I went in, I wished I had visited regularly when I was a child. Of course, at a young age, places like video rental stores and music sellers were more like toy stores to me.
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I am also reminded of the influx of Star Wars merchandise prior to the release of The Phantom Menace.

My friend and I had finished watching The Matrix and we decided to hit Toys 'R Us to check out the recently released Star Wars stuff. It was a bit like going back in time.
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shakin steak
That's a great picture.

The department stores I went to in childhood didn't have toy aisles. But we did go to Toys R Us. It was right next to Kids R Us. What genius thought of putting the best store and the worst store together? I can't decide if that is evil or good. On one hand, I always had to go to Kids R Us to get new stupid clothes that I hated for picture time or school concerts or some other horrible event. But, I think the need to go there allowed me to beg for a few visits to the toy store that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.
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Daggon! I want some of those toys. Especially the ships, can you imagine the value of those now?
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