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"There is no known form of dwarfism that accounts for all of the
anomalies seen in this specimen," Dr. Ralph Lachman, professor emeritus,
UCLA School of Medicine, and clinical professor at Stanford University,
wrote in a report to Nolan.

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shakin steak
I heard about this last week. Whatever that is, it's exciting and it brings a lot of points to mind.

-I have to believe the researchers who are finding only human DNA. 'No known form' means nothing, there are so many bizarre mutations that have occurred over the course of human history.
But: I think it would be arrogant to feel certain that Earth is the only planet with intelligent life.

-How can we assume that aliens would necessarily be humanoid? Or that something that looks like an odd humanoid is an alien?
But: If certain conditions (liquid, the mix of gases present in atmosphere) are required for the existence of life, to what percentage should we expect that those conditions will always result in similar evolutionary results?

The likeliest explanation imo is that this is similar to Lucy the Australopithecus and extraordinarily well preserved (and older than current estimates say). Other possibilities include: simply a previously unknown form of dwarfism; a body that has been modified or created for some ritual, research, or artistic reason; an undiscovered species related to Homo Sapiens.
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shakin steak wrote :
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