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Hey, all. I was pretty active for a while back in 2015-2016, but since it's been so long, I figured I'd reintroduce myself. You'll see me go by onipar, Candy Corn Apocalypse, and in my articles, Anthony J. Rapino. 

I'm a horror writer, sculptor, and teacher with deep love for Halloween and all things retro. Actually, some of you may own Halloween sculptures I made for Retro-Daze that were given away in a Halloween pack and also in the points store.

Halloween Photog Smurf

I caught the recent Retro Mania game on YouTube and finally found the time in this awful pandemic of ours to carve out some time from my other projects and come back to the loving embrace of Retro-Daze! I already submitted a new article and hope to get many more done (in-between prepping for teaching online classes for the Fall semester).

Anyhow, hello again! Hope to see you all around the proverbial campfire.

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Hi CCA/Anthony/Onipar! Great to see you once more. How has life been for you since last we saw you?

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You love this signature.

wait, a halloween sculpture? sounds like it's from the goodie pack that i missed out on getting  

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Vaporman, Things have been okay. I've been working mostly, teaching, etc. I had a new book published since I was last around (Greetings from Moon Hill) a short story collection with heavy Halloween themes. I wrote a new novel last year and am currently shopping it around to agents, hoping for the best. My first novel (Soundtrack ot the End of the World) has since been released as an audiobook and is being reprinted by a new publishing house this fall. And of course I've had lots of different sculpture sales in my shop. My brother is currently upgrading/redesigning my webpage too, which is cool.

Benjanime, Sorry you missed it. I do still have the mold somewhere I think. I don't have any resin on hand, but if there was enough interest in another run of the Halloween Photog Smurf, I could always make a few more. 

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