As I'm constantly reminding people, I was 9 years old when the Original Star Trek premiered in 1966. What made Star Trek so cool was it's time slot - Thursday nights at 9pm, on NBC.

Of course that turned the Friday morning walk to school into a fight over that week's episode of Star Trek. But it was the Transporter that always drew my attention, I wanted to know how something like a transporter could actually work.

Well the smart kids told me that "The Transporter" was just a nickname. The actual process is called "Teleportation", a process that converts solid matter into an eletronic signal that's aimed at a destination target where the signal is reconverted back into solid matter again.

All that explanation did was get me wondering if there's another way to tele-transport. Maybe a system that is actually feasable. But the more I think about teleportation the more "trouble" the process presents.

Here's John Weldon's 1990 animated short - "To Be":