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You know what unsung 1980's video arcade game I love playing most? Rush N Attack aka Green Beret. In the game, you stab baddies with a knife while rescuing prisoners of war. Because I hate my sister Hailey for having it made while I continue to struggle, I love pretending the baddies you knife down are her all while saying "Take that you f**king freak" or "knifey knifey, b****". It's awesome. For those of you who never played the game, here's some footage of it

(Gameplay footage of the 1985 Konami arcade game Rush N Attack aka Green Beret aka Knifey Knifey, Hailey) 

I have this game on NES and play it all the time

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huh, i completely overlooked this game when adding games to my NES mini, oh well. i do still have some other neat games like bionic commando and jackal, which this game reminds me of

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shakin steak

Ok, uhh... interesting story, OP...

Guess I will share mine. I first noticed this game in my fourth phase of playing NES games. That is still my current period, taking place in my early middle age. Why did it take me so long? I know in phase 1 and 2, I was not really interested in military campaign type games, even action style like this one. I first really took notice of it when I read about it in The Official  Nintendo Player's Guide, a publication I never had access to in its own time. At that point, I became interested in it, and I eventually acquired it from the points store here on Retro-Daze, when Nintendo games were available. Thanks, Vaporman! Rush 'n' Attack is my newest oldest favorite arcade action NES game.

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My pleasure. I love enhancing everybody's phase 4 gameplay.

shakin steak wrote :

 Thanks, Vaporman! Rush 'n' Attack is my newest oldest favorite arcade action NES game.

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