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shakin steak

I just commented on an article and when I clicked the button, it was cut off mid-sentence.

Originally I wrote 4 paragraphs. I deleted it and reposted with returns removed so it was only 2 paragraphs, but it cut off at the same spot.

I think prior comments are longer than mine. Although, I'm posting from my phone, so I can't do a word count. Has anyone noticed browser or operating system affecting this?

what i noticed is if i include a certain sign like a hyphen that's where the comment gets cut off. hope it can get fixed.
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Like Ben said, it has something to do with special characters. For some reason, certain special characters will cause the comment to cut off at the point of the character.

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shakin steak
A-ha! / slash character is acceptable, but & ampersand is not. Thanks guys.
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Hmm that's odd. Special characters? Sounds like this may be an attempt at XSS mitigation. The strategy though might be a bit too aggressive and is filtering legitimate text. 
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