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This question is really just to quench my curiosity.

So if you are here, obviously you love anything "Retro".

But also, if you are a collector of toys or figures, this all applies to you... and I'd like your input.

These days nostalgia is "in". We have companies producing anything and everything in order to satiate our hunger for nostalgic things. A great deal of this comes in the form of figurines (or action figures, whatever). Companies like NECA, Super7, and others are producing this kind of thing.

But what if one of them started producing similar products that didn't focus on the licenses, instead zeroing in on the experiences?

What if Super7 created a line of figures, playsets, accessories, etc. that recreated the experiences of the '80s or '90s?

Like, for example, a line of ReAction style figures that were simply of '80s stereotypes. A punk dude, a nerd, a jock, a fitness gal (complete with leg warmers and such), a middle-aged Members Only jacket wearing dude, big hair valley girl, and on and on and on. They might have names and a bio, but you get the general idea.

And what if those figures could be displayed in playsets ranging from malls to arcades to city streets with neon signs... maybe featuring classic '80s product and business placement. Malls featuring Orange Julius, Tape World and Suncoast. Streets with New Coke billboards and a theater showing Robocop and Back To The Future.

Maybe have "chase" items too.

Would these things be something fun to own?

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Oooh, is this a new Vaporman venture?!

Sounds pretty cool, I think that there would be a market for it! Due to licensing, you might need to do "parodies" like "Robo Patrol" instead of Robo Cop, but that could be fun!

A miniature 80's village sounds neat!

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Rick Ace Rhodes
That's actually an interesting idea.  Given the nostalgia craze now and days, it could be a rather easy sale. Might not be G.I. Joe or Transformers levels of success, but there has to be some market that wants it.
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A mall like this?


I love Stranger Things!
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Yes! Exactly like that!!!

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Not saying it's a bad idea...just that's it not my personal cup of tea. I think a much more effective way of offering an "experience" would be VR (I'm picturing Google Cardboard but with vintage malls, arcades, Disneyworld, etc). But obviously that's a completely different kettle of fish.
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