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For the past couple of years I've been wanting to try out a new kind of project concept for my art, a collaboration of sorts. An old friend of mine who I've known on Deviant Art since my high school years has had this character, a half human/half wolf character named Kerii and she didn't really have a story behind her so I kinda wanted to change that.

This is how she was originally drawn in her human form by creator and friend, Kelly.

With the story I provided, Kerii exists among other human/animal hybrids in a populated land called Cyanderhil and she vows to protect a flower called the crystal bud, a special flower that blooms once every few hundred years and grants sage-like power to a person who drinks dew that has fallen inside of its bulb. Kerii being a curious child does so and goes on a pilgrimage to learn the ways of her duty as a sage while she goes on adventures as she slowly grows up.

Concept art provided for the project

By bringing some of my friends together, I thought it would be a neat Idea to have certain chapters of the story done as comic panels with voice acting added in. On a side note, I wanted to give the series the same feel as 2003's Teen Titans cartoon, where some episodes had a lighthearted side to them with humor, and later episodes were more serious including character arcs. I don't know how successful I can make this be, but I've had high interest in making it possible for the amount of time I've put it off. What do you guys think?

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I say go for it, dude. It's better to try and have it fail than to not try at all, in my opinion. And I have no reason to believe you'll fail. You seem to have a specific vision you want to pursue with the writing and you definitely have the artistic skill for it. All you need now is the work ethic and commitment..
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