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June Foray, one of the last voice actresses who's been around since the golden era of animation has died. She's known for the voices of Granny, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Witch Hazel, and many other characters. She passed away at the age of 99. Very sad, but she did live a very long healthy life. Either way, she will be missed.

I'm glad she enjoyed a long, full life. She was one of the greats of voice acting.
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Mr Magic
I used to wonder how she lived as long as she did. Amazing! 

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A long, fulfilling life indeed. May she rest in peace.
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going into ducktales territory she lived just a few more years than alan young. both have lived an impressive amount of years.

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As the voice of Witch Hazel, June Foray simply brought the House Down!

Run it forward or backward - normal or high speed, it's All Good and All Funny.

Rest In Peace June Foray

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Mr Magic
June never made it to that big 100.
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"Beat me if you can! Survive if I let you!"

Her appearances in animation were so numerous that it's practically guaranteed that you heard her voice in something during your childhood no matter which decade it was that you grew up during. It's a sad loss. She was most definitely a legend. 
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She was Talky Tina in The Twilight Zone.
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