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shakin steak

I know I am not the only one who has had their post randomly appear in light orange instead of black, and it's not because orange is the new black. I haven't yet been able to pin down all of the variables, but what I have seen is that sometimes the forum software automatically adds paragraph ( <p> HTML tags to the beginning and end of a post. I believe this happens more when posting from mobile platforms, but again I haven't been able to do a full battery of tests.

I don't understand why that should change text color, but manually editing the post in HTML mode to remove the paragraph tags shows that is the clear culprit. I think the simplest way to fix this is to adjust the forum software to stop inserting those breaks, or if they are for some reason needed in the from-scratch fully-custom software, to replace the paragraph break with a line break ( <br> .

shakin steak

Posted from Safari on iOS 6.

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shakin steak

OP written in HTML mode, reply written in WYSIWYG mode. Same device.

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shakin steak
Posted from Opera on Android, not sure what version.
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shakin steak
Posted from Chrome on Android.

I now notice that the issue is more likely to be visible in desktop view than mobile view.
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Most likely there's a CSS rule that applies a certain color to certain tags. For instance the "<p>" tag. And yeah if the WYSIWYG operates under a different manner and injects a bunch of paragraph tags that could cause the orange color.

Test. Test


Looks like there's a rule in the responsive.css that helps force the paragraph tags to be black defined at ".ipb_table .new_1 p" line 8. Seems to be there by default on a regular desktop. However on mobile that little javascript confirmation box that asks to view the page on mobile will remove this style if you click OK and you're stuck with the default styles in styles.css and the rule at ."new_1 p" line 539 makes all them orange. 

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i've only had that problem posting through my mobile online browser. guess it really is an issue after the server change.
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