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Let's discuss some of our favorite things from the '80s. How would you answer the following?

1. Favorite '80s movie?
2. Favorite '80s movie star?
3. Favorite '80s live-action television show?
4. Favorite '80s television star?
5. Favorite '80s cartoon?
6. Favorite '80s band/pop star?
7. Favorite '80s video game?

Here are my answers:

1. Favorite '80s movie? The Empire Strikes Back
2. Favorite '80s movie star? Carrie Fisher
3. Favorite '80s live-action television show? Remington Steele
4. Favorite '80s television star? Stephanie Zimbalist
5. Favorite '80s cartoon? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
6. Favorite '80s band/pop star? Cyndi Lauper
7. Favorite '80s video game? Super Mario Bros.

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I am going to be more general and say that my favorite thing about the 80's was the positivity that was so pervasive in society. Life was better for many both financially and in terms of being conflict free.

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Mr Magic
I have too favorite things from those categories, but I'm willing to participate anyway.

1. Favorite '80s movie: Fatal Attraction
2. Favorite '80s movie star: Michael Douglas
3. Favorite '80s live-action television show: CHiPs
4. Favorite '80s television star:  John Ritter
5. Favorite '80s cartoon: Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats
6. Favorite '80s band/pop star: Michael Jackson
7. Favorite '80s video game: Galaga
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Mr Magic wrote :

I have too favorite things from those categories
, but I'm willing to participate anyway.
-end quote
I had a hard time picking just one for some of those categories, too.
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If I listed all the cool stuff from the 80's I miss here in this thread, I wouldn't have much left to write about.  So without specifics, I'll just say that I miss a lot of the family time I had back then.  Things like just my Mom and me going to McDonald's to get a Big Mac and things of that nature.
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My favorite things about the 80s include a growing concern about Russian activity and Donald Trump being a notable public figure.

oh wait...
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