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I went to my very first concert over the weekend, a '60s themed concert that featured three bands from the era, the Grass Roots, the Buckinghams, and Herman's Hermits. Some performers that reach a certain age begin to lose a little bit of their showmanship, but not these guys. They rocked like it was still 1967! I had a really good time and am already considering seeing them again next year when they come back to my area.

What bands or performers, either retro or otherwise, have you had the fortune of seeing perform live?

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Oh boy, memory might be tough on this one. 

Aaron Carter

Tim Mcgraw

Faith Hill

3 Dog Night

Eddie Money (For my 18th birthday and the guy was drunk)

The Last Place You Look (got to meet them after the concert, they were really cool and got a signed cd from them)

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

10 Years (Twice)

Trapt (Saw them free and got an autograph by the lead singer)


Coheed and Cambria 

The 1971

21 Pilots


Panic! At The Disco

Young Guns

Cage The Elephant


Breaking Benjamin (Birthday gift to myself)

Rascal Flatts

Jessica Simpson (She was opening for Rascal Flats and was boring)

The Newsboys


I'm probably missing a few. Most of them I saw for either free or cheap. 
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Very, very few. I know that we saw Steppenwolf at King's Island one year.  Some country band at the Grand Ole Opry, can't recall the name. That's pretty much it.
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Mr Magic
We saw Kenny Rogers perform at a theme park one time.
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I rarely ever go to concerts but in May of 2015 me and my wife saw Rush. It was awesome! Was their final tour as far as I know so had to see it! My wife isn't a fan but I dragged her there anyway. I took a few photos of the event but don't have them with me right now.
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I've mentioned it a few times on here before, i'm going to see Ariana Grande on february 17th. It's my first concert and she's the one person that i really want to see. I mean there are a few others that would be cool to see (Iron Maiden, The Cranberries) but if i never see any of them i won't feel bad or disappointed or whatever but with her i would have. I really really wanted to ever since i became a fan in 2015 and for almost a year i thought how cool and awesome it would be to see her live but i never thought it would actually happen. So this is a BIG deal to me. Sometimes i still can't believe that it's true and really real life, it feels like one of those dreams that feel so real but then you wake up and you're like "oh, it was just a dream". But this time it's not a dream and it is real. It might not seem like much to most people but to me it's like christmas, halloween, my birthday, new years, last day of school, first day of summer and winning the lottery all mixed together haha. I'm just so excited and so happy about it.
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Jrs1991 wrote :
It might not seem like much to most people but to me it's like christmas, halloween, my birthday, new years, last day of school, first day of summer and winning the lottery all mixed together haha. I'm just so excited and so happy about it. -end quote

I get it. While I didn't have a particular performer in mind, seeing a live concert was a definite bucket list item for me. I had a lot of fun with my experience. I hope yours is just as memorable.
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Saw The Beach Boys last summer.
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jkatz wrote :

Saw The Beach Boys last summer.
-end quote

They're one of my favorite bands. I bet that was fun.
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Peter Frampton
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Lynyrd Skynyrd
ZZ Top
Kid Rock
BlackBerry Smoke
George Jones
Randy Travis
Travis Tritt
Beah Boys
Eddie Money
Willie Nelson
Paula Nelson
Kid Brooks
George Strait
Charlie Daniels Band
David Allen Coe 
Charlie Pride
Bill Anderson
Dolly Parton
Sarah Evans
Gatlin Brothers
Mark Wills
Mike Snyder
Riders in the Sky
Jesse James Decker
Jeanine Seely
Marty Stewart
John Fogerty
Bruce Springsteen
Guns n Roses
The Whites
Michael Ray
Bobby Osbourne
Ralph Stanley
Elton John

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Last night i saw Ariana Grande! It was awesome. She was really really great. She was everything i expected and hoped for and much much much more. Little Mix and Victoria Monet and they were both good. I'm so extremely happy that i finally saw her live!
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