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I've really enjoyed DreamWorks take on Voltron to this point and also the accompanying comic by Lion Forge. New trailer dropped today for season 2 which is due out Jan 20 on Netflix. Anyone else been enjoying this?

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I still haven't checked this out, despite hearing generally positive things and Rhys Darby (Murray from Flight of the Conchords) being in it.
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I caught the first few episodes of season one and thought that they were really well done, with a good mix of adventure and humor. Glad to see it performed well enough to warrant a second season. Hopefully I can get caught up the first season sometime soon.
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I got caught up in Voltron too. The original "Lion Force" version was always shown paired up with another cartoon that I fell for:

"Defenders of the Earth"

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that animation style looks familiar. avatar the last airbender?

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