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Awesome input gang. So far I feel comfortable holding off on 2000's stuff for a while longer. When 2020 comes, we can cover this ground again just to be sure we're still feeling the same way.
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I think we should bring this discussion back. With 2020 being just around the corner. I think we should allow more 2000s articles. 

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I would say that 2000 to 2009 would be acceptable starting next year. I already have a whole bunch of trailers from that decade that I look forward to uploading, and next year would place a decent amount of distance, 10 to 20 years, between those years and what will be now. I hope what I wrote isn't confusing.

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hopefully my "the 2000s decade wasn't that bad" article will be much more relevant then.

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Yeah, we're getting close. I'd say we're at the point at which that decade is good for all submissions.

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