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I've been a fan of GBs (hench my name here) for 31 years since i was 3 since the 85 re-issue was one of the first movies i saw in theaters and watched/taped the animated show religiously as a kid on ABC/syndicated TV and had the toys plus shirts, merchandise, drink the ecto-cooler, ate the cereal and saw GB 2 in theaters on my 7th birthday on opening day. I gotta say this remake was unnecessary and an insult to the franchise that doesn't honor or respect it but actually disrepects the franchise.

i am very thankful the new film flopped at the box-office and how it killed the franchise and sometimes it's better to kill something then let it suffer. Ghostbusters by now is like a wounded half dead animal and has been for the last 25 years since the show ended and nothing else good has came out in the last 25 years with the exception of the 2009 video game and the merchandise and comics by IDW, no movies since then and other games during the years have sucked and Extreme GBs was ok show and this remake flopped at the box-office.

You just can't recapture the same lightning in a bottle like the original as the original focused on a brilliant mature intelligent script and reminded how well crafted it is - it functions as a supernatural fantasy comedy adventure with horror trimmings, but tops the cake with a cast of talented comedy actors who are given just enough space to subtly dick around without undermining the world of the story. The world looks realistic and has an edge to it in the original as the original is what i call great filmmaking.

The new version sledgehammers some viewers with painfully forced juvenile Sandler (modern Sandler mind you)-esque humor, There's none of the restraint that allows space for wit, a poorly written unfunny script, poor pacing and the world seems utterly artificial plus no passion but money grab is what it is. The Peter-Dana love story that had a tenderness and made things personal when she gets possessed is replaced with a screaming black woman yelling pop-culture references while beating her friend about the face plus none of the edge of the original movie and a lame villain who lacks the menace of Gozer and Viggo. It's closer to The Real Ghostbusters 80's early 90s cartoon (though not as good or well written like that show). This whole thing seems to perfectly showcase what 80's and 90's comedy did right, and what some modern comedy is doing wrong. Not to mention shooting the logo in the dick as a bad guy which is an insult to the franchise and there is no passion in this remake and just a cash-grab made by Sony and well i enjoyed a few of Feig's movies, i felt he was the wrong guy for this project and even he didn't want to do it at first but he had to for the paycheck and he felt out of his comfort zone as R-rated films is what he is good at and not big budget PG-13 films as after this flopped, he should go back to original stuff.

Hollywood needs to focus on making good films and focus on the new franchises like Jack Reacher, Bourne, John Wick, Marvel Studios etc. not digging up some old favorites and desperately mangling the corpses into some focus-group approved poorly written abortion. Ghostbusters is best left alone. If Ramis was still with us then a third film might have been worthwhile, but they should have made it years ago, and now that he's gone so has Ghostbusters. A TV series about ghost-busters could work, but it shouldn't use the name of this series. Stealing the names of beloved properties just encourages creative laziness, studios need to rediscover the creative spirit that birthed great films/series, not keep recycling past glories.

I hope some people here will understand what i am saying as the world has moved on and some franchises need to be dead and left alone only for the memory of the original to be seen/loved/watched by everyone for years to come on what quality filmmaking is all about and that i am right with my truth about why some series should be left alone as some would and not to recycle some past glories as we moved on and need some fresh new things for current film.

Sometimes dead is better like Jud Crandall says

I just can't bring myself to watch it. I honestly don't know if I'd waste time if it shows up on Netflix sometime in the future.
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I watched the new film opening night. I'm a huge fan of the franchise and it was the first time I had been to a premiere since I can remember. Honestly, I had created a list months earlier of things this film needed to have to watch it. I checked off everything on my list and was excited. It had all the bells and whistles of the Ghostbusters universe but to me, fell flat on the comedy. It had nothing to do with the actresses themselves as I do not watch SNL nor have seen anything Melissa McCarthy had done for TV or film prior. The laughs I did get were mainly from the nuances of the Holtzman character and the nods to the original film. In my opinion, it wasn't written very well.

I also wanted some clarification of what this new film was supposed to be, a straight up remake, a sequel, or just it's own film. Quite frankly, I'm still waiting for that answer because it seems to be all 3 mashed together. I wouldn't be upset if they didn't make another film and just kept with the two current animation projects (TV series and film.)

I can say I'm grateful they made it. Not only did it ressurect Ecto Cooler, but it gave us a ton of new merchandise for both the new film and the two 80s films. If anything, the new film might have caused parents to introduce their kids to the originals and the cartoon series.

For those who haven't seen it like massreality in the comment above, yeah I'd say wait until you can stream it for free. The nods to the original should be enough to make it worth watching at least once. I actually saw the Bluray/DVD/Digital collection was on sale at Target on Black Friday for $9 and opted not to get it if that tells you anything.
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My wife loved this movie, but I was not impressed. Mostly for several of the reasons laid out by HC. I too am glad they are not continuing on with this into a franchise.
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The new movie wasn't terrible, but it really didn't need to be made either. Maybe the director can blame this on "angry white males" too
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i rented the 2015 movie on redbox as my mom and i watched it. there's way too many attempts at humor, and when it happens it's lowbrow. my mom liked it for what it was, but i didn't watch the last 20 so minutes of it.

to make matters worse, the ghostbusters game on the ps4 and xbox one is equally bad. terrible one liners from the characters and just a tiny bit of variety of ghosts that rarely changes because you constantly see the same ones throughout the levels. technically the game could already be its sequel since it has a new line of ghostbusters hired from the 2015 movie characters.
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This film should not have ever left the drawing board in all honesty. It was nothing more then a spit on the face to the original two.
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HarryCanyon - how I wish you could be in a room with the studio reps and idea men responsible for this movie. More than just a slap in the face of fans, this movie was in a series of projects that followed the fad of reviving franchises by changing gender roles.

Trading male characters for female may strike points for political correctness, but it's a lazy way to make entertainment. Somebody had to put a stop to all this, I'm sorry it had to be Ghostbusters fans.

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