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Forum » Bugs & Errors » Your article has been saved as draft banner missing
  • By NLogan
  • At 02:39 On 03 December 2016
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While in the editing mode of the article submission page, when using the save article as draft button, the banner that appeared at the top confirming the article had been saved with up to date progress while giving peace of mind to the submitter is now missing. If you made it through that run on sentence, kudos to you. Maybe this would be a good time to implement a submitted articles waiting for approval section visible in the user's profile. That would also give peace of mind knowing that an article that was once lost, reworked, and finally submitted was not lost again and was safely in the new database.

Nevermind it came back.
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There appear to be a few issues that are needing attention as a result of all this. Like the VHS Covers page being all messed up, and trying to change your avatar bringing up a PHP error. Also some stuff on the admin side. I can't approve articles at the moment, because it brings up a PHP error too. Getting this fixed as quick as we can, thanks to Rakesh.
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