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Hello, everybody! I thought I should introduce myself. I stumbled across this place a week or so ago while doing a google search and have been looking around the site ever since then. Retro-Daze looks just like the type of place where I think I'd fit in really well, so I finally decided to register for an account here earlier this morning. I've long been fascinated by older TV shows, movies, music, and cartoons that were before my time, and I'm now of the age that the things from my own childhood in the '90s can arguably be considered retro. I think I'll have a lot of fun here.

So, why choose Superman for a username? I enjoy watching TV shows, cartoons, and movies that feature superheroes, and Superman is my favorite superhero. The '90s series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which is the version of Superman featured in my avatar, is largely to credit with making me such a big fan of the character and of superheroes in general. However, I do love every version of the man of steel, even the latest one played by Henry Cavill.

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Mr Magic
Welcome. I'm mainly a 90s kid too born in 1985, but like you, I'm fascinated with stuff before my time. I hope we can be good friends.
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Awesome! Welcome aboard Supes. We welcome all ages. And 90's kids fit in perfectly here. You'll have lots of company.
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You love this signature.
Welcome aboard.  I believe you'll find this place to your liking, and a very welcoming group as well.  

Hopefully, you can turn your love of retro stuff into some fun articles for us to enjoy!  If you have any questions or just wanna chat, feel free to hit me up anytime.
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welcome to the board m8!
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Welcome, make yourself at home. Couch is in the VHS section and the fridge is in the Cafe thread.
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Welcome buddy! Don't mind the wood paneling 
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Welcome aboard! It's nice to know we'll have a superhero hanging around. 
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Mr Magic
Don't hog the NES, ya hear?
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Welcome to Retro-Daze!

Make yourself at home. Check out the forum and dive right into the threads. (awesome costume man of steel).
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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.
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