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I was just doing some thinking. When Halloween and Christmas roll around, the look of Retro-Daze changes. Has there ever been consideration of doing layout changes for other holidays or to mark the beginnings of seasons? For example, I think Valentine's Day could lend itself to a creative layout with examples of classic retro couples up on the top. As another example, to mark the beginning of Summer, perhaps we could have pictures of Summer movie blockbusters of years past as part of the banner at the top.

Just tossing it out there...

Mr Magic
We could do one for spring.

It could have Bambi, some cartoonish Easter bunny, famous baseball players from the old days, since spring is a time for baseball. Things like that.
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These are all good ideas. I'll see what I can come up with.
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What about the Coppertone girl? Or some characters from those Beach Party movies?
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