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Mr Magic
You know what they say: No news is good news.

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make a sequel that kids will eat right up = easy profit for hollywood.
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I love the Chipmunk movies.  I'm a big kid at heart though.

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I saw a standee for this when we went to watch the Peanuts movie. The kids like the Chipmunks movies, so they are all in for this.
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You love this signature.
When I first read this I thought you said Smurfs and I was like Noooooo, but I actually like the Chipmunk movies. 
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Rick Ace Rhodes
I just found out about it this week.  I've only seen the first one.
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Oh yeah I saw an ad for it at the bus stop. I think it's called Chipmunks Road Trip or something like that.
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Mr Magic
After Chip-Wrecked, I was sure this would be it for the CGI franchise.
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