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On October 30th, the night BEFORE Halloween, teenage ghouls and goblins smash pumpkins and toilet paper houses. Better hide your jack o' lanterns and stay indoors because those who are outside are up to no good! 

I always thought that Mischief Night was everywhere but my wife from California never heard of it. I've read that Mischief Night is mainly in the Northeast like in NY, CT, NJ, etc. 

Have you ever heard of or participated in Mischief Night? 

Rick Ace Rhodes
I've heard of it. I've never participated in it though. I remember one time when I was in elementary school a person's car in my apartment complex got egged on mischief night.
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Mr Magic
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When I lived in Brooklyn I don't remember hearing about it, but when I moved to Pennsylvania, Mischief Night was a big thing.  I did participate a few years, but we never did any real damage to anything.  Mostly my friends and I would just run around at night with silly string and toilet paper each other's houses.  

I do know that it's called Devil's Night in some other states.  
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My wife is from Pennsylvania and she's familiar with it, she said her parents wouldn't let her out. I have never heard of it.
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I ain't sayin' nothin' until my lawyer gets here.  Seriously though, I'm from Western Pennsylvania and I always heard it called Devil's Night. As for anything I may or may not have done on Devil's night as a kid, I remember egging houses and toilet papering trees was about as far as most people went with it. I also may or may not have made prank phone calls from a nearby payphone and left dog poop on somebody's doorstep back then.  
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Nemo Malus Felix
DirtyD79 wrote :

...and left dog poop on somebody's doorstep back then.  

-end quote
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shakin steak
We called it mischief night in northern New Jersey. I only know of devil's night from The Crow (the movie, not the forum member)
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