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Some guy who worked at K-Mart back in the late 80's and early 90's, kept all of the cassette tapes that corporate sent to the store. These tapes had generic shopping music and advertisements on them. He's digitized all of these tapes for our enjoyment. This is certainly an awesome and unique retro find.

Wow, now this is what I'm talking about. Thanks for sharing!
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I had read about this elsewhere. Such a great and rare find. It's awesome to recall the days when we might hear something like this over the speakers in the store. Thanks for the link.
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Whoa. This is such a great hidden gem. Thank you for sharing, massreality!
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Mr Magic
That's quite a haul. A very good find indeed.
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shakin steak
Thank you for posting this!
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Honestly I don't think I remember any of the music from stores as a kid. All I remember from back then was announcements over the speaker system. 
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Nemo Malus Felix
Very cool
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Rick Ace Rhodes
Very interesting. This was before my time but this is still cool.
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