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I do not know anything about Transformers. Never watched the cartoon or any movies or had any of the toys. No, you haven't wandered into the "shameful confessions" thread or a rehash of my "totally missed out" article. I'm just illustrating that I'm not even a fan. And yet I want this game, that's how amazing and fun it looks.

I know. It looks awesome. I'm really hoping you can be Omega Supreme in this. The only thing that threw me off was in another trailer where you see Optimus fighting Devastator and Devastator is WAY too big. His proportions are way off in that trailer.

Then again, this is Transformers we're talking about here... where Megatron could magically shrink in gun form to fit in Starscream's hand, and Astrotrain could magically grow to fit a bunch of other Decepticons in him for space travel. So... par for the course for G1 Transformers I suppose.
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this is likely a game that my older brother will take great interest in watching a walkthrough of on youtube. he doesn't own any current gen consoles, unfortunately.
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It looks great, but I suck at non-arcade fighting games. I'll have to wait till it drops in price to justify getting my butt kicked by the computer over and over again.
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Here is the trailer that I was mentioning earlier with the WAY TOO BIG Devastator:

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I would have preferred a sandbox approach to the closed sets i this game. Also why is Optimus no stronger than Bumble Bee? Also when did Menasor get Silver Samurai's moves? It's fun but VERY aggravating at times!
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The camera definitely needs work too. Boss fights and especially chase sequences are a mess.
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